John Sandford Books In Order

On July 24, 1989, John Sandford released his first novel – Rules Of Prey. Since then, the NYT bestselling author has gone on to release dozens more books over the course of several decades and across a number of different series of novels.

To help you keep track of when all his books were released and in which order you should read them, this page has a list of all his books in chronological order.

This list contains links to dedicated pages for each of his novels and short stories. Those pages contain the following information:

  • Whether the story is part of a series, a standalone novel or a short story
  • The date of publication for the book
  • A description of the story
  • A link to the book on Amazon for you to read reviews or buy a copy
  • An image of the book cover

John Sandford Books In Order

Rules of Prey (1989)
The Fool’s Run (1989)
Shadow Prey (1990)
Eyes of Prey (1991)
The Empress File (1991)
Silent Prey (1992)
Winter Prey (1993)
Night Prey (1994)
Mind Prey (1995)
Sudden Prey (1996)
The Night Crew (1997)
Secret Prey (1998)
Certain Prey (1999)
Easy Prey (2000)
The Devil’s Code (2000)
Chosen Prey (2001)
Mortal Prey (2002)
Naked Prey (2003)
The Hanged Man’s Song (2003)
Hidden Prey (2004)
Broken Prey (2005)
Dead Watch (2006)
Lucy Had A List (2006)
Invisible Prey (2007)
Dark Of The Moon (2007)
Phantom Prey (2008)
Heat Lightning (2008)
Wicked Prey (2009)
Rough Country (2009)
Storm Prey (2010)
Bad Blood (2010)
Buried Prey (2011)
Shock Wave (2011)
Stolen Prey (2012)
Mad River (2012)
Silken Prey (2013)
Storm Front (2013)
Field of Prey (2014)
Rhymes With Prey (2014)
Uncaged (2014)
Deadline (2014)