John Sandford – Broken Prey

John Sandford – Broken Prey is the 16th of the Prey series books.

This Lucas Davenport novel had a release date of May 10, 2005.

Broken Prey book description

The “Big Three” are a trio of inmates locked up in the Minnesota Security Hospital over the years, each a particularly vicious serial killer, each with his own distinct style and propensities.

Everybody feels much safer knowing that they’re behind bars. Except… there’s a new killer on the loose. And his handiwork bears a disturbing resemblance to some of the finer points practiced by the Big Three, details that never even made the papers.

Davenport and his team quickly home in on a possible suspect, a man named Charlie Pope, who was released from the same hospital prison a few weeks earlier, and who now seems to have cut himself free from his court-imposed ankle bracelet and disappeared.

But is he really the one? And why do the Big Three look so agitated?

Broken Prey

John Sandford Broken Prey

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