John Sandford – Rules Of Prey

Rules Of Prey by John Sandford was the author’s first novel in the Prey series featuring Lucas Davenport.

This novel was originally published on July 24, 1989.

Rules Of Prey book description

The haunting, unforgettable, ice-blooded thriller that introduced Lucas Davenport is so chilling that you’re almost afraid to turn the pages and so mesmerizing you cannot stop.

Louis “Maddog” Vullion is a young attorney . . . and a murderer.

He kills for the sheer contest, playing an elaborate game for which he has written terrifying rules.

Police Lt. Lucas Davenport, a brilliant games inventor, is going to have to outmaneuver the killer’s clever plan – to beat the mad dog at his own deadly craft.

Rules Of Prey

John Sandford Rules Of Prey

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