John Sandford – The Empress File

John Sandford – The Empress File is the 2nd of the Kidd series novels.

This book was first released on April 28, 1991 under his real name John Camp. It was subsequently reissued in 1996 under the name he now used for his writing – John Sandford.

The Empress File book description

The ultimate con game thriller from the bestselling master of suspense, featuring the con artist team of Kidd and LuEllen.

Computer hack Kidd always plays both sides against the middle. His partner LuEllen is his lover, a liar and a thief.

When two major politicians secretly embezzle over a million dollars, Kidd and LuEllen decide to steal the stash – and cover their tracks by blowing the whistle on the dirty officials.

The Empress File

John Sandford The Empress File

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